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First SCR UK Delivery!

February 18, 2015
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Friday the 30th January 2015 saw the first ever UK delivery of SCR compressors! The delivery included small complete compressors with dryers & receivers from 7.5kW, right up to 45kW direct drive VSD machines and everything in between!

It was no mean feat reversing a 40′ shipping container down the narrow entrance to SCR Air Ltd, but luckily it all went smoothly….


We only had a window of a few hours to unload all 24 machines, better get started then….


The 40′ container seemed like an endless cavern, unloading one compressor off only to find another one behind it…


Nearly there….22 unloaded only 2 to go…Come on Kev!


Going, going….gone! All done. The last one was  unloaded with 3/4 of an hour to spare. Easy!


Good job we didn’t have any more to unload, we were quickly running out of space…


Anticipation was high as the first one was quickly unwrapped! There were no disappointments on the build quality or the engineering, just as we were expecting!


Once the packaging was removed, we had a good look around the compressor’s internal components. This one was a 22kW VSD machine with a 1:1 direct drive coupling. Access to the machines internal parts was simple thanks to the side panels being easily removed with a key.


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